North America is known as the third largest continent on the planet with 23 countries and dozens of small territories and islands. A stay here will give you the opportunity to experience and explore the world’s most beautiful landscapes with unique cultures.

Maritime, Canada’s easternmost region, is famous in the world for its charming scenery. Coming to this place, you will admire many majestic natural scenes, including the famous pristine beach Cabot Trail.

Besides, there are many memorable tours that you will not be able to miss if you have come here once: for many people, traveling on an Alaska boat is a memorable sea tour, because you will not be able to Found somewhere with similar scenery.

A vacation in the Rocky mountains will surprise visitors by the majestic natural beauty.

Another trip that you should not miss is a tour from the fashion city of Chicago to the Great Lakes region of North America and the Niagara Falls.

The New England forest area gives visitors the most typical picture of the mountains and forests of North America. This is also the place to leave unforgettable moments for visitors to wild forests and villages. Legend has it that this was inhabited by Indian tribes before the Europeans invaded. New England is also a favorite place for tourists when coming to America.

Another US location that you cannot miss is the National Forest in the state of Arizona – the Grand Canyon State. This place is the pride of America in particular and North America in general.

Or come to the national park to explore and experience the wildlife for yourself. Here you will see the most beautiful wildlife parks in the world from Colorado, South Dakota to Utah and Arizona.

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